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Starz Encore Headquarters

Starz 11
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Located across a campus park from Liberty Headquarters, the Starz Building is a "relative" with similarities to the HQ building, but it retains its own personality. Starz was previously located in several leased spaces, was experiencing rapid growth, and wanted to consolidate into a single building. BA programmed the space needs, furniture requirements and technological elements of the company that runs a 24-hour television playback and satellite uplink operation.

When seen from above, the building plan is two arcs joined by a central rotunda. The shape and mass of the building evolved from multiple discussions of vision and purpose for the company, and from several studies to accommodate the spatial and functional program while satisfying the desire of the CEO to incorporate feng shui principles. Geometry studies were merged with function, floor plate size, and cost estimates. The result is a building with infrastructure to support a state-of-the-art, multi-channel digital up-link/down-link broadcast, including two levels of production and edit space on raised flooring, with independent AC and backup power. Other building features include a full service cafeteria with outdoor dining terrace, a fitness center, an indoor racquetball court, and an award-winning precast concrete cast stone exterior.

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