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Security Life Center

Security Life exterior 2_edited
Security Life exterior 1
Security Life exterior 3
Security Life interior 2

Located on the east edge of the Denver Civic Center, the Security Life Center was designed to contribute to the urban fabric through the master plan for the site, and through the quiet, stately presence of the building. BA's restraint resulted in an elegant, timeless building that fulfilled the role of a good neighbor to civic buildings, fitting comfortably with Graves' Denver Library, with Gio Ponti's Art Museum and Libeskind's Art Museum addition, and with "classical revival"-style Civic buildings.

The seventeen stories of blue-glass curtain wall are an almost ethereal, ever-changing object that reflects the Colorado sky. It has contributed to the cityscape through the strength of its simplicity. To respect the experience of the pedestrian, the base of the building is finished in granite with fine detailing, high quality stainless steel fittings and obvious entries scaled for human comfort.

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