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Starz Encore Headquarters 

Starz 9
control room 02 rt
Starz _Z2B0904controlroom1
Boardroom Sarz-1
Dscn2452 retouched copy
Hallway stairs and chairs with magazineMedv rt
Starz _Z2B0925Stairs

BA's challenge was to integrate a complete corporate headquarters with a broadcast operation facility.

Programming and design of the building occurred at the same time Starz was developing a new broadcast technology system. BA worked closely with Starz's system designers to understand the variety of technical requirements for coordination of building spaces, and mechanical and electrical systems. The result is a building with infrastructure to support multi-channel digital up-link/down-link broadcast, including two levels of production studios and edit space on raised flooring, with independent AC and backup power.

In addition to a top floor executive suit and multiple levels of large open office spaces, the building includes a full service cafeteria, a fitness center, and indoor racquetball courts.

BA integrated the required technology into a complete corporate head-quarters building that will serve Starz into the future, providing both the corporate growth space and the infrastructure that will allow it to double its broadcast operation capacity.

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