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RE/MAX International Headquarters 

REMAX Lobby 2 sm
REMAX Lobby 1
REMAX 12th Floor Reception
REMAX Breakroom Floor 2
REMAX training 3
REMAX 12th Floor Elevator
REMAX Lobby Detail

The ten levels of office space in the RE/MAX headquarters building provide flexible workspace and infrastructure that can be changed as technology and workforce patterns dictate. Additionally, a training center and broadcast facilities coordinate the headquarters with RE/MAX offices around the globe.

The lobby is enclosed on three sides with structural glass. Sound is muffled through the use of a full-height, wooden acoustical manifold, making it a comfortable place to converse even if a large crowd has gathered. Streaks of light from a customized, steel and fluorescent sculpture are suspended over the descending escalator, which connects the training center with the lobby. The flags of over 150 countries are presented in the lobby, greeting the corporate agents who come from all over the world. The combination of exquisite materials and careful space planning throughout produced office space that is both functional and artistic, while maintaining the vision of co-founders Dave and Gail Liniger.

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