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Noble Energy Denver

NE WTC Fred 0771
NE WTC Fred 0701
NE WTC Fred 0647
NE WTC Fred 0485
NE WTC Fred 0505
NE WTC Fred 0061
NE WTC Fred 0357
NE WTC Fred 0286

BA began the project with a typical tenant finish remodel of three floors leased by a rapidly growing energy firm, located in a multi-tenant downtown Denver office building. During programming BA established office space planning and finish standards for the new floors, as well as for the future renovation of existing floors and expansion. In addition to meeting expectations in current user needs, the process included future growth analysis, and recommendations to achieve the short and long-term goals within budget and with respect to the terms of the Client's various lease agreements.

The design for the interiors focused on establishing consistency, incorporating clean modern lines, durable materials, and an emphasis on improving work and support areas through organization of space. To provide a high level of security, a single floor operates as a convenient and inviting point-of-entry for visitors. The design for the elevator lobbies and common areas was based on the new standard, and each was remodeled to reflect the corporation's identity in the building. The "corporate community" programming scheme simultaneously improved operational efficiencies while promoting interaction, collaboration, and synergy among company personnel. Successful completion of the initial three floors led to expansion of the project with an additional fourteen floors in two towers.

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