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Noble Energy Greeley

District 15 Operations Center

NE D15OC Image A_0127
NE D15OC Image A_0337
NE D15OC Image A_0553
NE Ops Center pII 0329
NE Ops Center pII 0005
NE D15OC Image A_0147
NE D15OC Image A_0824
NE Ops Center pII 0214

The space plan provides highly adaptable internal space where departments, teams and individuals can easily change location and form new teams. Training in the various types of rooms is supported by user-friendly audio visual systems that can be linked to other offices for company-wide collaboration and coordination. Video conferencing is accommodated by a state-of-the-art CISCO room. 24 hour monitoring and management for Noble Energy oil and gas well operations is provided with their "SCADA" control room

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