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Guaranty National Insurance 


Guaranty Nat Ins exterior night
Guaranty Nat Ins exterior 2
Guaranty Nat Ins exterior 4
Guaranty Nat Ins interior 1
Guaranty Nat Ins interior 2
Guaranty Nat Ins interior 3
Guaranty Nat Ins exterior detail
Guaranty Nat Ins exterior 3

The Guaranty National Insurance Company wanted a headquarters facility that would use form and materials to express the individuality of the company and complement Colorado's high plains landscape. On the ridge of a steeply-sloping hillside, the building's site provides unrestricted views of the Rockies and foothills to the west, and the high plains to the east.

The building's three-story atrium faces west with office wings to each side. This "hinge" provides a large, public space with spectacular mountain views. Since the site context was a priority, the exterior materials include locally-produced brick, buff-colored precast concrete, and local red sandstone to correspond with the landscape as it changes throughout the year.

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