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Phantom Air


The Phantom Air site is one of several premium hangar locations at the desirable south end of Centennial Airport. Beyond the utilitarian requirements of shelter and service for the aircraft, and offices for the pilots, the owner wanted the building's form to allude to motion and flight. To achieve this desired symbolic connection, the building is located on the site to take advantage of runway views and to create a memorable presence for the owner and their guests when they arrive.

Glass walls, detailed with the clean lines of modernism, surround two sides of the hangar, hiding the metal hangar building. The building entry is formed by steel columns set at angles and a slender projecting roof, a composition that is an abstraction of an aircraft wing. Immediately upon entering one sees a large portal-shaped window that looks directly into the immaculate hangar. A third-level observation deck is enclosed in glass to block wind and uses the structure in a playful way to create a pergola over the deck.

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