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AT&T Broadband Headquarters

TCI exterior overall_edited
TCI exterior night_edited_edited_edited
TCI exterior courtyard 2-rt
ATT KP_L6C1596
ATT KP_L6C1618
ATT KP_L6C1173
ATT KP_L6C1636AT&T mod

Barber Architecture was fortunate to work with a client who believed that quality architecture could help reorganize and strengthen his company. More than "a box where people do their job" was the direction given by AT&T CEO John Malone during the program work sessions. "Big Picture" program sessions developed this building, through a dialogue between Malone, Michael Barber, and Jim Anchustegui, Director of Real Estate.

Malone's vision was a "corporate community" that encouraged synergy, cooperation, and interaction. Ahead of his time, he wanted a non-hierarchical atmosphere where people would work collaboratively. The resolution of the "big picture" vision is a circular building, 2 stories high, with daylight filtering through the main circulation path dubbed "main street". By limiting the building to two levels and using a circular form with a wide opening in the floor plate, a continuous balcony was created that maintains a visual connection between the two floors. The result was an increase in collegiality through chance encounters, and sense of corporate community. A conference-suite-concept, café-style food service, open plan and private offices, and an outdoor plaza were also quantified during micro-programming and enhance the experience of the built product.

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