Maroon 5 LEED Silver C&S 2.0

Completed in 2008, Maroon 5 in Englewood is LEED Silver certified for Core and Shell 2.0. The design team and property owner placed a high priority on energy-efficient mechanical systems, low-emitting materials for the elevator lobbies, and water-efficient fixtures throughout the building. Daylighting and views for 90% of building occupants were achieved through the design of a narrow floor plate. The design team and building owner also collaborated on a tenant finish specifications manual to encourage and enable new tenants to pursue LEED Commercial Interiors certifications.

The Maroon 5 contractor successfully diverted more than 50% of construction waste from landfills. The project earned innovation credits for exemplary local materials through the selection of precast concrete structure and exterior cladding panels. Recycled wastewater is used extensively for site irrigation.

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